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The currency exchange nowadays.

Currency offers currently.

There are a variety of currencies available for you to handle exchanges. It works with electronic payment systems, cryptocurrencies, bank currencies and cash to offer our customers the current electronic money. The service also offers services for the withdrawal of electronic currencies and the courier delivery of cash (USD, EUR, RUR, UAH) to various cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.
You are not sure how to exchange or buy cryptocurrency? Is not there a necessary currency? Contact the operator in the online chat or through the contacts listed on the website. Support service specialists will contact you as soon as possible.
To exchange currencies on the website, you should select the currency that is available to you. Click the symbol of this currency on the right side of the screen and it will automatically appear in the “Enter” field. You can also use the drop-down list, which opens by clicking the down arrow next to the “I’ll give it” box.
After that, you must select the currency you want to receive as a result of the exchange. As in the previous case, you can either use the currency symbols on the right side of the screen (the currency you click will be displayed in the Receive box) or select from the drop-down list next to the corresponding field


The role of virtual data spaces.

Today it is possible to exchange currencies in date ranges. This is convenient because you can see the change in the exchange rate and make the exchange if and when it is profitable. So, with Internet Banking, you can always exchange currencies that are most convenient for you.
For each currency in which you exchange money, and additional sub-account will be opened free of charge. With your savings account, you can convert foreign currencies to any subaccount or from any subaccount.
Using VDR by – Cashless Online Transfers.
In order to eliminate the risks associated with the use of funds, all our transactions are carried out with electronic bank account transfers.
– Encrypted connections.
– Your data will be transmitted over encrypted connections in accordance with current IETF and PCI DSS recommendations.
– Secure App.
– Applications are tested and developed to the highest safety standards.
– Data protection.
You abruptly abide by the privacy policies that apply to financial institutions. Services are adapted to customer requirements.